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Gamedev, Gameart, Sounddesign, Composition.

Developing Skies of the Past.

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Skies of the Past

You find yourself stranded on a floating island, amidst ruins of a long forgotten civilization. Where will the path lead you?

An Atmospheric Adventure

Explore a vast landscape filled with little details. Uncover ancient mechanisms that guide you across the clouded vistas.

Calm Ambience

Soft piano music and the sounds of wind and rain complement your journey. The weather may clear up the horizons for something new to catch your eye.

Peaks behind the Curtain

I frequently showcase new mechanics and creations on my Twitter page! Take a look if you're interested in previews, and feel free to share inspiration or suggestions!

The game is currently in pre-alpha development. Release Date TBA.


Here are some images of my older projects. For more gifs and videos of current projects, feel free to visit my Twitter page! For some audio tracks, visit my Soundcloud!

Wind Lands Journey North

A prototype 2d-platformer for mobile and pc. Worked on in 2017. Using Löve2d Framework. Language: Lua

(Level selection map) Experimented with 8x8 tiles and restricted color palettes.

Asteroid Colonist

Entry for the 2016 LibGDX Gamejam on . A turn based colonization strategy game. Using LibGDX Framework. Language: Java

Procedural Map-Generator

A quick port of my island / asteroid generator into Unreal and 3D. Using Unreal Engine. Language: C++


Worked on in 2014/15. Using the LibGDX Framework. Language: Java.


Sebastian Scholz
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